Happiness Course


THE HAPPINESS COURSE is a short four session course exploring:

  • A happy life
  • A successful life
  • A relational life
  • A meaningful life

The course is deeply Christian. It comes out of the belief that Jesus brings good news that is for all people. It was developed from the understanding that deep happiness comes through exploring what’s really important in life, through building strong healthy relationships and through searching for deeper meaning and purpose.
There’s a growing, well-respected area of psychology known as positive psychology which concentrates not on fixing things that are ‘wrong’ with people’s minds but studying how to improve mental wellbeing for everyone. Scientists are presenting credible research findings which uncover which factors are directly linked to happiness. Far from being a threat to our faith, the latest research from secular scientists tells us that happiness is deeply linked to our personal and community relationships. This is a key aspect of what we value at St Giles!

This course was been written by Andy Parnham, a GP and church leader who is passionate about helping the church engage with their communities. You can find out more about the course and when it will next be offered at St Giles by getting in touch with Maggie Kelly Email logo