Safe Families


When a crisis strikes a family with children, its effects can be devastating. Cartoon drawing of a churchMany of us would turn to relatives and friends for support but some families can be really isolated with nobody there to help them. Safe Families for Children (Safe Families) works hand-in-hand with children’s services to link families in need with local volunteers in local churches who can offer them help and support. Safe Families has been privileged to help over 2100* children since it was launched in the UK in 2013.

A number of people from St Giles are involved as volunteers for Safe Families.

Volunteers can help in the following ways:

Family Friends

Friendly folk who befriend, mentor and support parents through their crisis, helping them get back on their feet and making the home stable for them and their children.

Host Families

 Trustworthy families who take children into their homes, giving the parents much needed space to deal with the pressing issues.

Resource Friends 

Generous supporters who find they are able to provide useful goods or skills to benefit families in need, such as a cot, clothing or helping with cooking or gardening.

Family Coaches

Skilled individuals able to offer support and experience to help families make the necessary changes and help our volunteers provide the right kind of care and support.

If you’d like to find out more or get involved, please contact Maggie Kelly by email  or   01604 627680

or visit the Safe Families website 

* 93,000 children are ‘looked after’ children in the UK and 10,000 children in England are taken into care each year. (source: The vision of Safe Families is to improve the outcomes for children and families going through a crisis. And to reduce the number of children being ‘looked after’ by at least 10 per cent by recruiting, training and mobilising 100,000 volunteers in communities across Great Britain by 2025.