Change the world

The story of Jesus is the story of how one person, sent by God, filled with love and empowered by the Holy Spirit, changed the world. We believe that love is the greatest power available to human beings to bring about positive change. God is love! And His love makes great things happen.

God has given us a role to play in changing the world and this brings a great sense of purpose to our lives. Jesus said, “Go into all the world, and make disciples” Matthew 28 v 16-20

Through special one-off projects, social action, mission on our doorstep, church plantingglobal mission partnerships and mission opportunities.

You can make your contribution to all of these by giving financially, by pursuing a deeper relationship with Jesus and by getting personally involved.

We can all make a difference! We can all play a part in changing the world!

First published on: 9th June 2020