Felicity Parker

Position: Ministry Intern


Felicity came to us as an intern in September 2019 as part of the Diocesan Ministry Intern programme. She is with us for almost a year and is training in various areas of ministry, working with all ages, to explore the vocation of ministry in the Church of England.

or Telephone icon 01604 628623


Hi, I’m Felicity and I’m the intern here at St Giles. That means I’m here to get experience of ministry and do some theological study and spiritual development on the side. My particular focus is on seniors, but I also help with children’s groups and at the Wellbeing Café.

I graduated in June 2019 from Cambridge where I studied Classics (Ancient Roman and Greek language, literature and history) and History and Philosophy of Science, including a dissertation on the earliest English manuscripts on shipbuilding. Boats are my passion and when I can I love to spend time on the river rowing, sculling or coxing. If rowing boats aren’t available I will occasionally go canoeing or kayaking; I learnt to sail when quite young and am a dab hand at punting! I also like craft and DIY: anything from embroidery and crochet through baking to gardening and woodwork.

I grew up with two older siblings and am the last to leave home, leaving my parents with a distressingly empty nest. Thankfully they only live in Worcestershire, so I can occasionally pop home for the familiar comforts of woods, hills and my beloved cat Poppy.