Family Support at St Giles

Child looking through window at the rain


One in four children in Northampton are living in poverty and money advisors say more and more families are falling into crisis. Latest figures from the End Child Poverty charity show that, when housing costs have been taken into account, 24% of the town’s children are in poverty.

As an outward looking and welcoming church, we have many points of contact with people in need. Many are helped and encouraged simply by becoming part of our fellowship. But increasingly, we are finding people (of faith and no faith), at all stages of the spectrum of engagement with the church, seeking our help for a variety of needs, some needing specialised knowledge and experience.

For this reason, we applied to the Peterborough Diocese for a grant for working with families in need. Our application was successful and we have appointed two Family Support Workers, Emma Brown and Denise Evans to provide specialist support in a relational context for people in need. We aim to empower people to find long-term solutions to their needs and to support them through the process of getting back on their feet.

To find out more about this ministry and how you might be involved, please contact Denise or Emma