Sheila Angus

Sheila Angus - Lay Pastoral MinisterPosition: Lay Pastoral Minister (LPM)


Lay Pastoral Ministers are lay people who have been selected, trained and licensed by the Bishop of a diocese to serve with a focus on caring for both those inside and outside the church

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My name is Sheila Angus and I am a licensed Lay Pastoral Minister at St. Giles church, Northampton. An enjoyable part of my ministry is visiting older folk in their homes or in hospital Sheila and Peter on their wedding dayor care homes, where I can take communion to them. I also visit and support other age groups when necessary.

I am married to Peter and we are very family orientated and enjoy nothing more than spending time with our three children and three grandchildren. I look after our 2 year old grandson three days a week, while our daughter is at work. The older grandson is going to university this year and our granddaughter has just started year 10.

Watching  Northampton Saints rugby team, where I am a season ticket holder, is a great way to release any tension from the week. Many people would be surprised to see me at a match when I shout (quite loudly) if we are doing well, or if I disagree with a decision made by the ref!