2020 Book of Learning

St Giles Book of Learning 2020 – Introduction Page

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Book of Learning over the summer. It captures in both breadth and depth something of our personal experience of the season of lockdown. This summary and the detailed responses given will stand as a testimony and memorial of this time and will serve to guide the Ministry Leadership Team and PCC as we move forward into the autumn term.

The headings below represent the themes mentioned most often by those who responded. The plans indicated are tentative at this stage reflecting a limited and phased return to public worship.  Guidance and legislation may change with restrictions being further eased but a more restrictive lockdown may be imposed. This coming season, with a change in the weather and darker nights, will present a new challenge for all of us.


Promote and pursue activities with a renewed focus on Sabath,prayer and devotion and wholehearted love for God.



Develop and enhance our online offering in terms of worship and fellowship
including some enhanced provision for children.


Plan for a phased, safe return to the church building from September onwards
and make preparations for Harvest, Remembrance Sunday, Advent and Christmas.


Continue in our dedicated pastoral provision for the isolated and lonely
while encouraging ongoing care for one another.



Provide prayer and pastoral support and care and a dedicated space in church
for those who’ve experienced loss, trauma and bereavement (not just church members).


Develop our outreach, evangelism and ‘loving neighbour’ with a shift
from centralised to more local neighbourhood approach.



Encourage people to appreciate, care for and safeguard God’s creation 
and take small steps in their daily lives. Discuss together how we can become
advocates for equality and justice.

In what follows, you will find selected (but representative) quotes from the Book of Learning for each question asked.

The top 2 or 3 key themes mentioned by people are shown along with the percentage of responses for that theme.

Comments and quotes which we’re hearing from other churches and leaders are in purple.

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First published on: 7th September 2020