New Wine


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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the New Wine United gathering moved online in 2020.

All of the sessions and seminars are available to listen back/download via this link:  

If you want to access the videos directly, visit the youtube channel for New Wine England here:  



New Wine is a national, inter-denominational movement that seeks to equip local churches to change nations.  New Wine exists to encourage churches and leaders to grow in the ministries of the Holy Spirit for the renewal of the Church and the building of God’s Kingdom.

From small beginnings in 1989, New Wine has now grown into a network which includes thousands of different churches across fourteen different countries worldwide.

More information about New Wine’s story and its vision and values can be found here.

New Wine operates at a national level through the annual summer gatherings and leadership conferences as well as at a regional and local level through networks of churches and leaders.

Further information about the Northamptonshire New Wine Network can be found on the local New Wine website.

In July and August, many from the St Giles family attend the United summer gatherings at the Peterborough Showground.  This is a whole week of worship, teaching and ministry alongside thousands of other Christians from churches across the UK and beyond. 

For more information visit the New Wine website.


First published on: 12th February 2018