Mission Projects

Each year we raise money for a need which arises from mission overseas; this, as the name suggests, usually takes place in Lent. The funds are for a specific need, not for the support of individuals. Many, but not all, have been linked with one of our mission partners, and have included buildings, equipment and vehicles. In recent years we have had several projects in support of refugees in the Middle East and one for the building of new homes for a community in Bangladesh of Christians made homeless as a result of persecution. 


Our aim last year was to help provide a heating system at the House of Hope.

The House of Hope is Vera’s former family home built by her father in a village. He was a Baptist pastor in Soviet times when Christians could face imprisonment, fines and even loss of their children for their faith. Despite this he led a secret church here.

In 2004 Vera bought the house back and began to restore it aiming to turn it into a base for Christian residential training, retreats and above all camps for young people. The house also reaches out to local villages living bleak lives of poverty, alcoholism and hopelessness. The House of Hope is well named!

Over the years  lot of work has been carried out on the buildings and grounds by Vera and various volunteer groups. Our own young adults laid paths and paved areas in 2010 and another church member was part of a group who built a garage and improved the woodshed a few years ago. Both main houses now have running water and electricity but lack proper heating. The one wood burning stove in the main house cannot provide enough heat during the long cold winters when deep snow lays on the ground for months.

At the moment the Christian camps, providing fellowship, Bible study, games and craft activities, only take place during the short summer as temperatures can fall to minus 40°C during the long severe winter.

Heating the house by installing a proper heating system could now be possible as gas has been brought to the edge of the village. The vision is to connect it to the house and install a heating system which would benefit the buildings and make them useable for more of the year.

Gas fired heating will keep the property in better condition and increase the scope for Christian outreach.The house can bring God's love to local people.

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First published on: 14th February 2018