Together21 - Events Team



New Wine UBO - Gourmet Soup and Sandwich

This took place on Sunday 4th August 2021

A total of £75 was raised on the day.

Summer Bonanza

This took place on Sunday 4th September 2021

A total of £1,053.51 was raised on the day.



Promise Auction

Suggested date 13th November 2021

Bring and share supper followed by promise auction

Volunteers needed to give their time and talents and donations of experiences (e.g. pizza vouchers). Disco after the auction. Disco Lights and PA in church already.

Estimated Profit: 20 auction items x £100 per item = £2,000

Point of contact : Cat Nichol

Sponsor Nativity Figures

Time Frame: Christmas 2021

We advertise for members of the congregation to sponsor a character from the nativity scene at Christmas, their name would be on a plaque/board saying that they are sponsoring the character near the display

Estimated Profit: 12 characters x approx. £20 each = £240

Point of contact : Cat Nichol

Barn dance and Hog Roast

Suggested date February 2022

A Barn dance and hog roast in the Church. A pig roaster and Ceilidh band would be required. PA etc. already available in church.

Estimated Profit: (200 people x approx. £20 per ticket) minus £750 for pig roast minus £600 for Ceilidh band= £1,650

Point of contact : Jen Cope

Assistance required

Gaining support from church members.  Please let us know if you can help.