Together21 - Unique Team

The Uniques are Revd Ali Wagner, Penny Ballard and Mike Kingman

We have been given three tasks.

These are those tasks and a report on where we are in fulfilling our brief.

To look at ways of reducing outgoing costs at St Giles Church.

 We have been in conversation with Helen and Serena to look at ways we may contribute to the costs of administration and other costs by asking folk to sponsor a part of the costs. For example if we spend £100 on item A in a month then a sponsor could regularly give £10 towards that cost. We have called this initiative “Sponsor a Paper Clip”.

At the Bonanza event we had a table in with a number of office items – a ream of paper – a box of pens – Internet connection etc with various amounts of cards with amounts of sponsorship on them – for example…. “I sponsored £1.00 to the costs of admin.” 

Penny has already given £100 to the T21 budget for the sale of Basil plants.

Clive Wagner is taking photographs of St Giles which will be turned into postcards for sale.

(£5 for a pack of 10 postcards).

Elizabeth has made a CD of Worship songs for sale at £10 per CD.

Ali has asked folk to collect 901 pennies to mark 901 years of St Giles church.

To appeal to outside circles for help with funding

We have made initial enquiries about asking commercial concerns locally for help but found no positive response when they realise we are talking about a faith based enterprise.

We would welcome any help from church folk for any good ideas or possibilities.

To investigate the possibility of applying for Grants from outside sources.

We are currently in conversation with Chris Davison about grant funding.

Our initial findings have been that we need a specific person or job to be put forward for funding.

It must be in line with our vision and purposes and be important.