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C2C Social Action is a Christian charity set up by Julie Parsons when she was a Police Officer who saw the need for a different approach to services available to help rehabilitate offenders in Northamptonshire.

We help men, women and young people who are offenders or at risk of offending, to inspire them and motivate them to make different choices in life. Currently we mostly help women and we run Northampton's Women's Centre where we provide mentoring and befriending, therapeutic activities such as craft work and group courses building self esteem and helping to deal with anger. Women are sent to us by courts as an alternative to a prison sentence, aiming for rehabilitation rather than just punishment. We help with training and employment, homelessness, addictions, mental health, poverty and debt, prostitution, domestic abuse, relationships, attitudes and behaviour. We set up The Good Loaf as our social enterprise though its board has decided to take an independent path. We would welcome your prayers, support and voluntary help. We have homes for men as well as women, so would welcome men volunteering as well as women. Pretty much any skill you have could be used, whether behind the scenes or with our service users, though we do have to ensure people share our values and have suitable aptitude to work with vulnerable people. Angie Kennedy is our Chief Exec and she would love to hear from you!

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