Marian Thomas

Marion Thomas - Lay ReaderPosition: Lay Reader


Readers are lay people who have been selected, trained and licensed by the Bishop of a diocese to preach, teach and lead worship in a pastoral context.

 or  01604 784675

Born in Liverpool, I became a Christian when I was 14 after a family tragedy during which I first became aware of the love of God. Since then I have tried to follow Christ’s teaching. I did V.S.O in Ethiopia when I was 23 for a year and came back to Northampton to work in Northampton Keith and Marian on a canal boatGeneral Hospital as a physiotherapist. After marrying and having 2 children I returned to work but found the constant changes in the Health service too difficult. After divorce and marriage to Keith, I worked at Daily Bread for several years whilst I trained as a Reader because I knew that God wanted me to work for Him on the canals which I did for 11 years.

My hobbies include music, painting and lots more. We now have a small grandchild called Isabella who is re-organising our lives.

Marian with her grand daughterMarian's grand daughter playing in a box

Proud Grandfather




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