Year of Biblical Literacy (YOBL)


Personal Experience

We want to encourage each person in St Giles to experience Scripture as part of their daily lives.

YOLB follows a daily reading plan, reading the whole bible over the year.  This is available as a paper plan, or on the Read Scripture App (see below).  The plan includes some videos from the Bible Project, which give an overview of each book and some helpful guides on important topics.

Click on the image below to download the reading plan...


You can find the videos that go with the reading plan on the bible project website by clicking the image below...

The Read Scripture App is free to download. It gives you the readings and videos for each. It is available for both IOS and Android devices. Remember to set the start date on the app at the 1st of January so you can follow along with the plan. You can also set a reminder for when you want to read. Click the image below to go to the Read Scripture website.


Lived Experience

Scripture helps us draw closer to God and helps guide us in life. Reading and discussing scripture with friends or ‘running mates’ is an important part of this. At St Giles we define Running mates as people who you share your life with; being open about your real struggles; your inner and secret life. These are mutually-accountable, challenging, real relationships. These are people you do life with.


The big story of God - picture
The Symbols of Christ

Shared Experience

The bible was written to be read in community. Reading scripture regularly with others is an important part of our discipleship.

We want to encourage everyone that can to join a home group. 

We would love to help you join a small group this year.


First published on: 31st December 2019
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