St Giles Bible School

Bible School - photo by Tony Allen

The aim of the St Giles Bible School is to provide an opportunity for people to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the bible by providing courses each year based on a book or a theme from God’s Word.

It is also to encourage further personal study ourselves and to equip us for service within the church and beyond.

To access the previous Bible School courses and to view the study material please click on the images below:

November 2019

Lessons in Holiness: Sessions 1 - 7

June & July 2019
How we can maintain resilient faith
in the face of opposition and persecution. 
Sessions 1 - 5; Sessions 6 - 8 to follow.
June 2019
How to Read the Bible
Two sessions on getting the most out of Bible reading & study
Nov/Dec 2018
Book of Isaiah
The Gospel of the Old Testament - Sessions 1 - 8
Gospel of Mark
Sessions 1 - 6. A study of Mark's Gospel 
Paul's Letter to the Romans
Sessions 1 & 2.  What is God’s plan of salvation?

Book of Job
Suffering & Salvation - Sessions 1 & 2


If you are interested in finding out more about our Bible School courses, or have questions or comments on the courses, then please email Simon who coordinaates the programme



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