Bible School

Bible School - photo by Tony AllenIf you are wanting to deepen your understanding of the bible then The St Giles Bible School provides an opportunity for anyone with an interest in expanding their Bible knowledge to study books of the bible in some depth.

The St Giles Bible School provides an opportunity for anyone with an interest in expanding their Bible knowledge by studing the bible in some depth and considering the different viewpoints held by biblical scholars .

The Bible School started in 2017 when we ran three courses covering the books of Job, Revelation and the first eleven chapters of Paul's letter to the Romans.  These were followed in 2018 by The Gospel of Mark, a short Basic Theology course and the Book of Isaiah and then by the book of Hebres in 2019.

These were recorded and will be available online over the next few months as editing is completed.  Currently The book fo Hebrews, The Gospel of Mark, The Book of Isaiah and the first two sessions of Job and the first two sessions of Romans are available to watch online.

For more details and to view the study materials click on the links below:

Date Link Title Content
June 2019 Hebrews  
June 2019 How to Read the Bible Two sessions on getting the most out of Bible reading & study
  Book of Isaiah The Gospel of the Old Testament - Sessions 1 - 8
  Gospel of Mark Sessions 1 - 6 
  Paul's Letter to the Romans Sessions 1 & 2.  What is God’s plan of salvation?
What role do the Jews still have in God’s plans and purposes?
  Book of Job Suffering & Salvation - Sessions 1 & 2


2019 Course

This series is called "Hebrews Plus" because, in addition to our main study we are also adding a bible study workshop in week 1 and providing a biblical overview on mission in week 6.

In the middle four weeks we will be studying the book of Hebrews.  Hebrews is a special and unique book that helps us grasp the relationship betwen the Old and New Testaments and yet is all about Jesus!

There are lessons that Hebrews can teach us today about a church experiencing opposition but also faced with oppotunities and the challenge for Christians to develop a resilient faith that perseverse to the end.

Watch the video below as our Bible School leader Simon Bridgens introduces the series and download the series flyer here Adobe Acrobat symbol.


Date Venue Topic
1st June Church How to read the bible for all its worth
The session is bassed on the book by by Douglas Stuart and Gordon Fee available here 
8th June
(Later start time - 10:30 a.m.)
Parish Centre Session 1 - Overview of Hebrews
Session 2 - Hebrews Chapter 1
15th June Parish Centre Session 3 - Jesus our Champion: Chapter 2
Session 4 - Jesus our High Priest: Chapters 5 & 7
22nd June Parish Centre Session 5 - Atonement : Chapters 9 & 10
Session 6 - Heroes of Faith: Chapter 11
29th June Parish Centre Session 7 - Hebrews Chapter 12
Session 8 - Hebrews Chapter 13
6th July Parish Centre Theology of Mission & The Mission of God
Each session will begin at 9:30 and finish at 11:30 (except for 8th June)
Light refreshments provided (Tea, Coffee, Pastries & Biscuits)


If you are interested in finding out more about our Bible School courses or have questions or comments on the courses then please email the tutors or fill in the online form